Friday, December 26, 2008

I wrote this for you...

Don’t you ever feel like you’re the next big thing? And no one else knows it.  You are the underdog just waiting for your musical movie montage. You know what you’re capable of despite the fact that you haven’t actually done it yet. But you will. And its gonna be fucking fantastic. And when your friends see what you have done they will shake your hand and say something that almost sounds slow motion. Your past lovers will send you short emails stating they’d recently read an article about you and just wanted to say congratulations… oh and that maybe you could meet up for coffee sometime. Your parents will tell all their friends, not to mention the aunts, uncles and cousins you lost touch with a long time ago. The professors you turned in B work to will tell their students how they pushed you to do A work, even if it was always late. Your ex-bosses will claim they always wished they could’ve given you that raise and your contemporaries will welcome your anticipated point of view. The money will be just enough. The fame; unsolicited but not unappreciated. And your love will have long been by your side never having doubted you. And when you look back as you sip your tea, or coffee or smoke your pipe or do some sort of bull shit breathing exercise, you will remember me and laugh at the day this all seamed like some unattainable dream. 

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