Friday, May 29, 2009

Not So Black Hole

April 22, 2009

I just bummed a pen off a stranger on the metro platform. Poor guy, he had a tie on, only it was poking through the zipped up hoody he was wearing to cover up the down town attire I guess. He had a ledger in his hands so I thought I'd give it a shot and it worked. The pen was nice one too with in blue print upon a silver casing and blue rubber finger rest. Almost looked like a space ship. Ooh. Speaking of space ships, the park opened yesterday. Civic Space Park, or just Space Park, something a funny girl in the back seat of a car dubbed it one night en route to a party. And you know what, it stuck. Space Park, the better half and I christened it last night with our friend Lexy.

It was icy enough for a stripped scarf (or at least I wanted it to be) and good conversation among friends. A nice campus police officer on a bike came over and explained that pretty soon he was going to have to start enforcing the park operation hours of 5am to 11pm, but that since it was the first night, it would be ok for now. He warned that they had to protect us good standing citizens from the scary homeless people that would be meandering about the park like zombies, just looking for a place to sleep. Aww.. I felt like my little Phoenix was growing up. It felt like a city. It really was more than that though, because as we sat on the brand new stone wall next to freshly placed sod, there above us hovered a beautiful vortex whose swirling orange eye showed us a window to another galaxy. No really. I have pictures. Well that's what I saw anyway, but I've also heard it referred to as:

a jelly fish

a saguaro

a space ship

a monsoon

a vagina

an ass hole


and probably so much more. But whatever the hell it is, it stimulates the imagination. And it is unmistakably beautiful, even if you think its ugly... hater. But it's inspired me a good twelve hours later to startle a generous stranger with human interaction and beg for a pen, so that I could crack open the old journal... and write.