Monday, May 25, 2009

Sunny Side What?

I went to Over Easy today, one of my favorite breakfast places in Phoenix. For some reason I thought I'd be the only one craving the wolf pack at 10:30 in the morning on memorial day. I did manage to get in within the projected twenty minutes though and sat at the bar where my favorite waitress, who I have a slight crush on, took care of me. It wasn't the same without the bf there (he had to work early today) but I do enjoy a breakfast for one from time to time. The muted CNN they had playing showed a story about a group of sixth graders who constructed a "how to kill" cartoon about one of their classmates. Atrocious I know, I mean the execution was despicable, a third grader could have drawn a better murder manual. I decided to bum a pen off one of the other girls working there and turn my menu over to try my hand at something I rarely ever do anymore. This is what I came up with before I left.

over easy


  1. This is awesome. I miss working with you at Lola and you indulging me by illustrating my stupid ideas, like "Pidgeon Pals."
    So are these some people you saw in the restaurant or just random drawings?

  2. Thanks! They are just random drawings though. I guess I could have talked to the other people at the bar, but sometimes I find my imaginary friends to be a little more enticing.

  3. Talented at breakfast - I LOVE IT!!

    Glad to see that a local is checking out my blog..thanks!

  4. I spy: Andrea (90210), Jessie Spano, Zack Morris (Saved by the Bell), and Pedro (Napolean Dynomite). I have no idea where you were going with the last two characters..