Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Adventures of Merserella

Ok I'm totally banking on cute points for this one. So yesterday I come in to start my shift at the restaurant and look what I find waiting for me on the bar. This little piece of flash fiction was not only written exclusively for me, but it was gifted to me (first edition by the way) by its author Paloma, or Lola as she insists I call her when we work together. She's the boss's daughter you see and her shifts tend to be short. Ever since I've known her though she's always given me little drawings here and there of mermaids or genies or even of me and I've watched her art progress with everyone. I like when she autographs them too because those are the ones I'll auction off someday when she's a famous artist and I'm a withering eccentric who's already spent all the riches that fame has afforded him. But this is the first story she's written me complete with complex characters and plot development; or something like that. Anyway I'd say its a keeper. Let me know what you think.

Merserella 2Merserella 3

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  1. You might think that this grammar would make my head explode...but I think if all English words were spelled phonetically, like children spell them, the world would be a much less confusing place. My new absolute fave = igsidid!