Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bling Fling

I have no tattoos. No piercings. And I've only ever died my hair black... and that shit's already dark ass brown. But what I do have is a jewel tooth. No not one of these....


One of these...

Photo 374

I got it to help my friend start her tooth fairy business. I told her that if she finally fronted the cash for the kit, I'd be her first customer. She called my bluff and $40 dollars later I was sporting a hint of bling that got its fair share of complements and funny looks. But the thing grew on me you know. And just minutes ago while watching Hard Ball, I ran my tongue across my teeth and it was gone. We spent all that time together and now I don't know if it's chillin on my bed somewhere or if I'm gonna get a shiny little surprise in the toilet.

Well it was fun while it lasted (a year to be exact) but it's time to say goodbye. Don't worry though, I still believe in fairies. I do. I do.

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