Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sirenita Rabiosa

Dim Sum... Naw. Pho... Ok get out of Asia Lucie you've been there all week. I could just go down to that deli and get a sandwich. Or a hot dog? Enh, I don't feel like putting up with hipsters right now. I wonder if Young is hungry yet, of course he is what am I saying. Ooh Tennessee Senator resigns over affair? Focus Lucie, focus... Lets see, what about Indian! Yeah... Oh no wait I'm supposed to go to Dosa with the girls tonight. Did anyone leave anything good in the break room? Maybe I should just take a peek...

...and so she went on like everyday around lunch, meandering through her internal dialogue never knowing that if she just got close enough to that plant, she too would fall victim to the blood lust of a rabid, little, green mermaid from Tijuana hellbent on reeking havoc on the streets of San Francisco.

Green Mermaid

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