Sunday, August 2, 2009

El Grito de Dugaldo

My boyfriend is one of the most peaceful guys I know. Straight up. This is good, because I am a fucking trouble maker. Just a little. I'm not looking to fight or anything, I just can't help but call people out when they make asses out of themselves in front of me you know. And let me just say I by no means think that I am always right or that my opinions are even all that well informed. I know I have a hell of a lot of growing to do. But like my brother Eric, who was always an instigator growing up, I'd like to think that every now and then I'm really just sticking up for the underdog.

Like this time at Target I over heard these two chavos calling each other fag. I wasn't exactly offended, but I told them not to be using that hateful language. And who am I to talk? At any given moment I can be overheard spewing quite a blush worthy lexicon. I'll avoid getting into semiotics here and just say that I've felt for a long time that its never about the words but how they are meant and percieved. And those kids weren't exactly referring to each other as the British slang for cigarette. When this fag actually said something to them, I could tell it was the first time anyone had. Do I think they're going to stop? No. But hopefully I'll be an annoying, recurring memory every time they use or hear the word.

This morning while gallivanting about the blogosphere link by link, I stumbled on to a blogger who's words made my spinal column clench vertebra by vertebra. This is the kind of woman, the blogger that is, that if she were standing in front of me in line at the super market, I'm positive that something would come out of her mouth that would set me off like a chihuahua, only to embarrass my poor little boyfriend who only wanted to stop in for a six pack and a Totino's pizza. Luckily, she lives in the great country of Texas, and no such confrontation should take place. But as soon as I was done reading a post I was only to happy to leave a snarky comment such as "I find you very entertaining" or "wow, spoken like a true white woman who's never dealt with racism in her life" and my personal favorite "if you were a Hispanic woman I would be mortified." Its all quite contextual and I invite you to check out her blog and let her know what a moron she is. The best part is the whole time this woman is trying to convince her um... public? and herself, that she is not as blatantly racist as she comes off, her google AdSense is inviting you to "Meet Black Singles."

I have to admit the snark flew out of my finger tips with ease this morning, and the fodder this woman provided for it was abundant. And suddenly I realized (ala Sex and the City) this bull shit is smeared all over the internet and I've been trying to stick up for the little guy on metro platforms and checkout stands when I should be stamping my smart ass all over these haters' blogs. This... is going to be so much fun.

I was once graced with the opportunity to hear Dolores Huerta speak at City College of San Francisco. Now you know this Latina woman said all kinds of inspirational shit that would make said blogger quiver in her boots, but she told one story in particular that I've always connected with. She said she once overheard someone talking shit on Jewish people and in her proud and strong Chicana accent simply told the guy "Ey you can't say that, I'm Jewish!"

Me too Dolores. Me too.


  1. i love you. one of my favorite things to do is pick fights on youtube. seriously, look up anything with ann coulter or bill o'reily and read some dip-shit texan's rants trying to stand up for these ass holes, and SHOOT.THEM. DOWN. one comment by one. ain't that the texan way?

    also, i think it's good to call out little morons like the kids in target... i bet they do think of you every time they hear that word. :)

  2. She links her blog to Michelle Malkin, Bill O'Reilly, Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity, are you really surprised, that there are people like her out there? Fox news is a business, and for them to survive despite huge scrutiny from the public about their motives, they must be catering to a huge population of Americans who are religious fanatics, racists, sexist and homophobic, who are eating stuff like that up with a spoon who truly believe, Obama's not born in America, Mexicans are responsible for the economy, or that Palin is qualified to something besides homemaking.

  3. Quite clearly this woman is a cretin. I was hoping to find some NHS bashing so I could give her both barrels of some indignant British vitriol but alas, there was naught to be found.

    Gave her some anyway. Top draw stuff here mate.