Monday, August 24, 2009

Fifth Times a Charm

In a few hours I'm going to be a student again. Something I've always loved being but have only been so good at seeing through. Almost ten years after high school and I have behind me a trail of community colleges, A papers and dropped classes. All this self-sabotage, woe is me, Morrissey bullshit has been quite romantic and everything but its time to leave that shit in the marble notepads of yesterday. Today I'm embarking on a new adventure that will end with me on the peak of a mountain in all my glistening, rippled glory holding a pen up in one hand toward a celestial unknown and a little piece of paper in the other that triumphantly declares "Bachelor of Arts" bitches. You got that writing? I'm about to get Sun Devil all up on your ass...


  1. I don't know what Morrissey is , but I got an idea because it's used a lot, I'll stick to my rap references thank you very much. Sometimes the only way to respond to that Morrissey bullshit is to charge it to the game and keep it mackish, otherwise you ain't keepin it one hundred.

  2. How exciting... And what will you be studying? I am trying to finish the last leg of my teacher-training course at the moment.
    I have been in a similar position to you, with regards to the self-sabotage thing. Nothing feels better than when you pull yourself out, and hold that piece of paper.

  3. Good luck to you.

    Simon: I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.