Sunday, August 23, 2009

Touch of a Button?

It was 7th grade science class with Mr. Hendricks, one teacher in particular I could write a good few blogs about (and have just decided I probably will). On this day he had us mesmerized as usual putting a story teller's spin on science; and looking oh so crush worthy in his short sleeve button up and tie. There he stood in front of us with his hand stretched toward a techie future he was about to indulge our mid-pubescent minds in. He told us that one day we would have computers small enough to fit in the palm of our hands. And with these devices we would be able to play our favorite computer games(Oregon Trail anyone?), do our homework, and with the touch of a button be able to locate our friends clear across the world.

Well today is my boyfriend's birthday and together we've both stepped into that future. That's right, for his birthday I got us both iPhones. We may never have to speak to each other again...

It only took me 21 tries to take a photo I liked enough to post as proof of the new phonage.


  1. oh it's my bf's b-day too(well technically fiance). cool, I want an Iphone.

  2. Our teacher told us that green jeans and jeans of a different variety of colors would be the future trend in fashion. Guess who had green jeans in sixth grade? Me! Guess who shouldn't have listened to a sweater wearing 40 year old woman who is single not by choice? The second one was rhetorical.

  3. very nice gift! :) bday is coming up in November. i'm just saying. hehe