Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Doin' Fine in 2009

Ah the local urban freesheet... In San Francisco while waiting for the MUNI I had my choice of The Guardian or SF Weekly to keep me entertained. In Madrid before class, if I'm not mistaken I do believe I used to peruse ADN or 20Minutos, the papers they'd shove in my face as I exited the metro. And here in Phoenix when walking into Copper Star, Burton Barr Central library or the Chipotle on 16th and Camelback, I can't resist that fat stack of Phoenix New Times tempting me to indulge in another article about Joe Arpaio's latest crime against humanity and common sense. And you know usually I'm really just looking for a quick Savage Love fix but just the same I pick it up and look at the pretty pictures of events I almost always can't make it to.

Tonight I hungrily meandered the streets of downtown phx and made my way into Seamus McCaffrey's (for a Shepard's pie I'll never order again) and I came upon it once again; the much anticipated Phoenix New Times Best of 2009. This is the third "Best of" I've been graced with since my time here in the Valley and I'm happy to say that the family I was welcomed into within days of moving to Phoenix once again got mentioned.

I just want to say congrats... Lola Tapas for Best White Sangria, y cómo no? Lola Coffee for Best New Coffee shop, would you expect anything less? And for best Tapas... no not Sens... "The atmosphere inside Lola Tapas is so effortlessly urban that after a few glasses of wine, you might momentarily forget you're in the desert and think you're in a bustling boite on some Barcelona back street." Enough said.


Oh and apparently best gay Latin dance night is Vertigo Fridays at Karamba!

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