Friday, October 16, 2009

Blog About Nothing

Oh my little bloggity blog...

Not that I post shit all that often anyways, but I always feel guilty when its been a while since I've posted on this. I do have good reason though, school's been kicking my ass, not to mention giving me ulcers, migraines and yesterday a sore in the back of my throat (it went away by this morning). So as I've said before, I'm writing just not posting. Soooorrrryyyyy. And you know when you write about writing, doesn't it feel like you're not really writing? Same with blogging, its not a real blog if you have to keep apologizing to your blog that you're not blogging.

You know interesting shit happens every day too. Like everyday. And not just because I think its interesting, but it really is interesting. Like today I have a hankering for a famous Michelle Ponce mocha and I walk outside my building and there's a Joe Arpaio protest right outside my building. Orale. That guys a fucker. Or the other day as I'm riding my bike to work, already a little late mind you, this dude is like counting the gum or something on a narrow sidewalk and I yell "heads up" but he doesn't move. He's drunk right, and protests "I'm walking here," and before you know it he's calling me a faggot and I'm telling his low life ass to go back to jail. And did I tell you about the time I put a group of cackling sorority girl's on the metro in check for talking shit on strange but smily lady? I mean its the metro, without weirdos it just doesn't feel right.

Honestly, yeah I've been bogged down with reading and writing projects, but not blogging is more of a result of good old-fashioned laziness. I have a twitter account, maybe I should just take that up. Naw I'm more likely to get back into that when its just about done being cool, if that's what it is.

Well in an effort to leave you with something visually stimulating or at least cute...

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  1. Thank you for making it okay to blog about not blogging :) You inspire me to do the same as I am recently coming from a hiatus myself. Though I do tweet every so often I would even go as far as to say that Twitter just doesn't hold the same clout as a full blown blog does. After your disclaimer (even if you didn't intend to) you wrote a blog that had me visualizing your everyday experiences...very entertaing! The video left me wanting to find the "Oh Brother" song online...LOL. Keep doing what you are doing because it's working, Orale!