Friday, October 23, 2009

We Can Live on Misbehavior

Well they are no PS 22 kids, but it's a pretty cool vid just the same. My little brother brought this to my attention (and everyone else's) via Facebook. I'm not going to mention that I raised an eyebrow that he posted a video populated by adorable Asian school girls. Kudos to the girl by the way, who giggles into her hands at the 1:58 mark, for reinforcing a stereotype that many before her have endeavored to stamp out. Oh and, am I wrong for thinking it would have been better if they were all dressed in Sailor Moon outfits?

If you can correctly identify what the photog is wearing... I'll blog about you.


  1. Are they outsourcing our music? I could totally do this. Are you talking about the pink dress?

  2. I'll have a blog up about you soon Simon.