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Yeah. I'm Gonna Let Some Shit Go

Brace yourselves. What you are about to read may put you in a good mood. This was sent along to me by my good friend Michelle. She’s always good for some hippy ass shit. I hope you like it.

Winter Solstice

On Dec 21 many of us here in the northern hemisphere will experience the winter solstice. On this day during the longest and darkest nite of the year the stars over our heads will signal for us as they did for our ancestors a powerful turning point in the Wheel of time. This is the moment which represents both the end and the promise of a new beginning.

This is the time when earth mother already impregnated with the seeds of renewed life takes the time to prepare to give birth in the spring while at the same time she is fulfilling the promise of new life in the southern hemisphere, what an awesome and miraculous moment is this for all of humanity to share. What an awesome moment to give thought to the seeds we have planted not only in the heart of earth mother but in the hearts of our souls..

In the heavens the celestial dance of the stars aligns us with the cosmos

As such this is a good time to look back through the many turnings of the Wheel of time and to look at the direction our life has gone in, this is a good time to bid a fond farewell to all the paths not taken-and to do so without regret.

This is a good time to remember that no matter what spiritual, emotional or physical stress we are under earth mother in her love for all her children will always spin into the lite so let not your hearts be troubled .

The Winter Solstice festival is one of the world's greatest moments, for it is a celestial celebration. It is this astral calendar that since time immemorial lets us know that the eternal cycle of life, death and renewal continues and we are a part of it.

So embrace the moment and do not hesitate to say "Happy Hanukkah," "Merry Christmas," "Season's Greetings," or "Happy Holidays," because from an astrological perspective

All of humanity under the stars shares in this moment of time and these festivities also reflect a moment of hope and the promise of spring.

So walk into the light, look to the stars sing and let the songs of our people be heard. Think and walk in the wisdom and balance of our ancestor’s .Shine on mi gente, shine on! Happy winter solstice to all of you.

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