Sunday, January 3, 2010

Magnet Tagging

I was waiting for the light rail yesterday at Washington and Central, and I called my friend Simon. We  talked about blogging of all things, and girls, and green lights, red flags and all night benders. I don’t know about you, but when I talk on my cell, I can’t sit still. I tend to pace, look around, touch things, eve’s drop on other conversations, observe and report if you will, my friends on the other line often being subjected to something like “oh my god I can’t believe she wore that.” Yesterday's conversation was no different. Just as Simon was telling me about a particular girl he knows, and her inability to enjoy life with out packing a bowl first, my sight was deflected, just a little, by something off to the left of the light rail destination sign. Now I ride the metro (and blog about it) enough to know, that this little photo of a grinning handsome, young man in a tie, wasn’t supposed to be there. I moved closer to it, and read on the photo the words: light rail blogger dot com. I had to stop Simon mid shit talk, and tell him what I had just found. It was a business card of sorts, in the form of a peel off magnet. Genius. I skinned the thing right off and took it to work with me, where I was graced with the opportunity to serve a party of twenty-five, which we somehow made room for in out little restaurant, who were all in from Houston on a conference, and who found their way to us via what? The light rail. It’s now Sunday morning and I still haven’t actually checked the blog out. Let’s do that together shall we?

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! I guess the magnets were a good investment after all? :) Hope to see you on the trains.