Monday, February 8, 2010

Bones, Stones & Human Evolution

No titular witerature necessary for this post. That’s actually the name of the anthropology lecture I sit in and zone out too, three days a week. It’s nice. I’m down to chill for an hour and listen to someone tell me how my people (humans) and I, came to be. It’s like church, for people who get it. For the most part I’m super engaged, but you know I’m only homo sapiens, so sometimes I tend to drift. But every now and then the doc busts out with a little nug that perks my ears up like a Deutscher Schäferhund’s. Like the time she was telling us about a chromosomal disorder caused by the presence of all or part of an extra 21st chromosome. Yeah you know, Down Syndrome. Ok we’ve all seen “Life Goes On,” we know what that is and may know someone with it. But what killed me, and had me turning my head left and right for some sign of a fellow student who was also frantically wondering, “are you kidding me with this?” was her power point slide. Here let me just show you.

Yes, that is actually a headshot of actor Chris Burke or “Corky” as we all knew him growing up on said ABC family drama. She also sometimes features Star Trek characters in her slides, which, also pleases me. Since you can’t really tell what she looks like in this pic, I went ahead and drew a picture of what she looks like in Dugaldolandia.
And for good measure, here is the video for one of the songs that came on my iPod, while I was writing this post. This song reminds of the ol' BF.


  1. Funny,I was telling someone the other day that there was a sitcom about a mentally challenged person,i.e. Corky, but sitcom implies a comedy I should have said drama.

  2. love the shout out.

  3. "but you know I’m only homo sapiens, so sometimes I tend to drift."