Friday, February 12, 2010

Doodle Marketing

I've always doodled. Siempre. Siempre. Siempre. The thing about doodling though, is that you always end up with little splatters of art here and there, on things you don't necessarily want to hold on to. Napkins. Syllabi. STD brochures. In my closet, or somewhere out there, I still have a box of little ripped up pieces of paper dating back to when I was just a little mocoso, with sketches of anything from skulls with mohawks to masked crusaders, and of course, those lovely ladies that still swim their way into my daydreams, mermaids. But I just hate clutter. And that's all I'm really creating for myself, if no one else is going to see my five minute master pieces. Unless....

So I'm always up in the school library right. Reading. Writing. Cruising. Just kidding babe. And at the computers conveniently located, just about everywhere, they have these perfect little rectangle pieces of scrap paper, and little yellow pencils, no erasers. You've all seen them. You know, to write your call numbers on. Well, these computers, they take a little while to load and I just can't help but draw while I'm waiting. I mean I can knock three out before I even check my email, so I usually just leave them around, and hope someone appreciates the sketches, or throws their gum away in them, or something. 

Recently, the marketing fool in me just started writing on them. What? I mean if someone likes it, maybe they'll like the blog. Or maybe they'll think its stupid or amateur or... gay? blasphemous... uh Yeah. Funny. Contrived. Self-important? Whatever, either way. Shit, getting people to click a link is half the battle, when you blog. 

Well, recently, I started taking pictures of them, and messing around on my PSMobile App. Which I adore. So, at this rate, I'm gonna end up with a series for you guys. doodles. 


  1. Love your doodles! Can't wait to see more! And for what it's worth, if I found one I would definitely check out the link. :)

  2. Glad I finally checked out your site. You last spoke to my wife and I at Lola's the Wednesday before V-Day. I'll check in on you from time to time.