Sunday, May 2, 2010


I've never had any interest in Alaska. Not to take a cruise. Not to see Levi Johnston. Not to save Christmas. But I do now. Cause I have a little shining star up there and her name is Sandra. She's on my mind A. because I miss her of course and B. (and this is the one that would make more sense to her) because of something she said about me (to me).

See for a few days now I've typed and deleted probably a couple dozen sentences. The way in which they might in a movie montage, clacking away at an old school typewriter, shaking my head, then ripping away a piece of paper with only two sentences on it and wadding it up. Except for that I have an amazing iMac, not a typewriter. So, what have I been trying to write? Something I've actually been pretty excited about. Blogaldo made  Phoenix New Times, in an article called Blogaldo: blogs that make us happy, by a certain miss Niki D'Andrea. And I've been trying to blog about it since, but every time I write a couple of lines, I find myself rolling my eyes, or gagging myself, or tearing the flesh off my forearm with my own teeth. Nothing I've written has felt right.

But as soon as I stumbled upon the article I sure as hell posted it on my facebook. I wish blogging came as easily to me as updating my status. And by the way people totally threw their comment panties all over me and I reveled in the glory for my 15 minutes. It was great. But the best comment I got, the one that cracked me up the most, went like this:  "Sandra Ponce aww bubu dont get big headed tho." How could I function in this world without one of the Ponce girls to bring me down a few notches? Just the other day for example, Michelle let me know I'd put on a few, and I haven't eaten a bite since. That's the kind of mutually deprecating love I thrive on. 

The point is, Sandrita reminded me to keep going forward. Big heads tend to float away you know, especially those with starving bodies dangling from them. In this big head, there's nothing but ideas, and fantasies, and quarries, and musings, and bitching, and moping and all the shit that should be typed up and posted and then moved on from. So thanks mija for keeping me going, all the way from Narnia or wherever the hell it is you say you live. 

Ponce Madness

Tsela Love

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