Wednesday, June 16, 2010

La Virgencita

So if a li'l birdy hasn't told you yet, I'm all up on twitter now. And I think I just had a spiritual moment.

Don forget to tweet jur prayers to Our Lady @Gagalupe. She'll make joo chake jour nalgas.


  1. I recently discovered the Hump Day newsletter and while browsing through the site I came across your section and rapidly started reading your posts--and then I read your last post and wished I would've discovered it sooner so I would have a reason to "check my emails" in class during Wednesday. Great writing, made me laugh.
    Anyways, hope you keep up the writing here. And since Arizona is a relatively small place, and every gay guy is knows every gay somehow, I guess a "see you around" is more appropriate.

  2. Eddie I used to love posting for humpday. Funny enough, I actually used to "check my email" in class myself, Wednesday mornings, to get the post written by 12pm. The poor editor. Thank you for the compliments by the way, I appreciate it. If you see me around,definitely say what's up.