Friday, June 25, 2010

Make me a guru

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So I'm applying to be a travel guru for and I'm very excited about it. Normally I wouldn't put my job hunting on blast, but this is a little bit different. Something about this job feels right. Or at least the application process feels right. Straight up, to apply, I have to write about gay friendly places I love and ask my friends, family and followers to read and enjoy it. That's all. I already do that.

So this is the part where all of you get to be my references. I don't need your number or address, just a little heart. Are you guys down to help? The first thing you do is sign up at, just like you would for facebook, twitter and youtube. Oh and make sure to check your email to confirm your account and then log back in. Then you just click on my profile and my photos and articles will pop up.

Now here is the most important part. To read a story you click on the title so that the article opens up, and right there above you'll see next to the title, there should be a little heart. Those hearts are the keys to my success, the more of my hearts you click, the more chance I have to be America's next top model.... uh... I mean gay travel guru. So if you have the time please click as many as you can. All of them?

For anyone that goes through the motions I really appreciate it. Make sure to check the site out too, there are a lot of great tips on there from people all over the world. And if you know anyone out there that wouldn't mind helping a blogger out, send this message their way for me. Thanks again dudes.

Alright. Crazy huh. Let's hope this works.

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