Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Network like a ninja

I started a new blog. Yeah just like that. I've been clicking away at this computer non stop for the last few weeks. See, for the first time since I started blogging I've admitted to myself that if I really want my writing (and I mean my writing, writing) to be successful, I can't just sit on a cute little blogspot and expect opportunity to knock. Believe me it couldn't get past Irma in the lobby anyway. She's a ninja ass security guard who loves cats, but if you want in to my building, you have to go through her. Anyway I gotta get out and find that opportunity myself. I gotta get all up in the mix. There's no choice anymore.

So I've been putting myself out there so to speak, on twitter and facebook and networking sites galore. It's really quite gruesome and exciting. I even have a youtube now. Yeah get ready for that one. I'm going to get so sick of myself. But I hope you don't.

I have to get back to writing about other things. I'll be back soon with updates but I'll leave you with a clip from said new blog. It's supposed to help me find new followers and get more clicks and things like that. Andale pues. Enjoy.

Can you even count them? Your blog posts? Tweets? Retweets? Status updates? Links. Emails. Texts. Sexts. Pokes. Forwards. Comments. Spam. Honey roasted ham. And what was that one thing called… myshpashe? ...

Ah and you know what? Just so I don't leave you without a little visual stimulation, here's a vid from one of my favorite YouTube homegirls from way back. Thas raight fools.... It's Little Loca. Un... What?

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