Thursday, June 17, 2010

Vamonos A Harvard

So I just finished reading Eddie E. Aranda's post about this girl he met a little while ago, named Silvia Rodriguez. A friendly girl, a friend of his sister's in fact, so friendly that though they were strangers, she made him feel like he wanted to ask her about her mother. Such warm feelings, no?

Well, then he goes on to explain that Silvia, with the warm smile and mother you just want to know about, was recently accepted to Harvard. Harvard of all places. I don't know the girl but damn, I'm excited for her. 

Mind you, Eddie started his post by asking the question, "How many people do you know, who are Americans by birth, who have been accepted to Harvard?" 

You see where this is going? Silvia is undocumented. She's getting her masters in education at Harvard and she's undocumented so her financial aid opportunities are significantly limited. What? Universe? Really? Somebody just pay this girl's way into Harvard please.

Ah but there is a way. You can help out by donating whatever you can here. Yes, I know we are in the middle of a recession here. Believe me I know. Fair enough. But there is something else you could do and its as easy as telling everyone on Facebook that you are rooting for the Lakers. Just repost this link. Share her story. Comment. Like it. Tweet it. Retweet it. Digg it. Tell your chismosa neighbor about it. Do what you gotta do to get this girl to Harvard.

Come on let's help our hermanita out, so that some day she can help out all those other little chamacos out there too.

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