Thursday, July 22, 2010


I am surrounded by people who do amazing things everyday. Charis Elliott comes to mind. She runs her own non-profit, Las Otras Hermanas, which by the way has entered the blogosphere, she has an amazing kid named Afton, and besides all that she's gorgeous.

There's Jonathan and Leah, I just met them, but they came all the way out to Phoenix from Illinois just to canvas for the Democratic party. I'm supposed to be volunteering for them, but I don't think I've quite pulled my weight just yet.

And then there's Dan Cortez, I don't even know his exact job title, but he was one of the first people I met in Phoenix and I have always looked up to him. This guy has his good name all up in everything from education and the arts, to issues affecting Latinos in the Southwest, eh hem, and he even makes a mean tequila squirt.

The list goes on, no doubt. All around me people are doing great work and I'm never lacking for inspiration. They make me want to do things, to be a part of something, a movement, a cause, a revolution. I mean I see a pretty flyer for a meeting to raise money for [insert marginalized people here] and I'll go. I'll brush my teeth. Put on my iPod. Get on the metro toward whatever church, office space, or living room I feel I have been called too, and fantasize the whole way there that I'm finally going to save the world.

I've always been a little driven by the idea that I have to take on a finite identity in order to do some good in this world. What is that identity? Do I have it in me to be a voice for immigration rights in Arizona? For gay marriage? Do I know enough about Phoenix restaurants to yelp? Should I take a stand against domestic violence? For the animal shelters? The homeless? Diabetes? And what about the decriminalization of marijuana? Am I queer enough? Should I just stick to writing?

These days I've focused my efforts on becoming the North American gay travel guru for What? I mean if that's not a finite identity I don't know what is. But, its different this time. I don't know, maybe its the application process but something in me has changed. I'm ready for this. I have never had to put myself out there so much for a gig. I've done my own video editing. Suped the blog up a little, introduced myself to countless people, and asked for help from people who responded with nothing but love.

The real difference though, is in that I've figured out that the best thing I can do for any other cause out there is just be me. Dugaldo Estrada. If there's one thing I'm good at its spreading the word. I love words. I want to use them as often as possible all over your faces.

Yes, I want to land this amazing travel writing job because its been a dream of mine since before I could even put the idea together. But more than wanting the job, I think I'm ready for the platfom. So I'm going to ask for help again. And this probably wont be the last time. If you have time in your day and you're down to help out, please sign up at and vote for me. I'm ready to represent, but I can't do it with out you.


  1. I love that you might have found whatever it is you're looking for... Keep it up. You're awesome.

  2. Thanks Anon! I wish I knew who you were ;)

  3. DIABETES!!!! :) and whatever else your heart desires!

  4. Your determination will shine through like the star you are!