Friday, September 3, 2010

The body and blog of Christ

I haven't officially  introduced you to my little brother, have I? Well he's cool. I like him. He's funny, quirky, more neurotic I think than even I am and some may even call him handsome. His name is Christian and he's just started a blog called Christ Estrada

Now. I want you to know that my little bro is a creative little shit. His writing not only makes me laugh, like his jokes did when we were kids at the dinner table, but sometimes it even makes me shake my head and think "damn why didn't I think of that?" Be for warned, he's a smart ass, sometimes to his detriment, but I honestly think he says things he believes should be heard for better or for worse.

Sometimes I take him for granted because he's my little brother. I have that luxury. But you're not related to him. So if I were you I'd get on the Christ bandwagon before he blows up.

Go shower him with comment love so that he blogs more. Oh, and if I find out that any of yous messes with 'em, you'll have to answer to me. 

Here's a picture of him I yanked from his FB. 

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  1. This blogspot isn't nearly as user friendly as you are a good brother. Thanks. I just posted a new post. Please, kill me if I ever decide to "Vlog"