Friday, September 24, 2010

Romy and Michele and Dugaldo's high school reunion

That's right. It's been ten years since the class of 2000 graduated from high school, and tomorrow I'll be reuniting with mine. I don't really know what I want out of the experience to be honest. I haven't accomplished half the things I thought I would ten years ago. I don't own a house. I don't have an established career. And I still haven't graduated from college. Eeek! On the other hand, I've done some mind blowing things I never imagined I'd do, and for that matter wouldn't dare put on this blog. I do hope to blurt them out drunkenly at the reunion though.

I have maintained friendships with a small handful of alumni, most of which I recently found out aren't even going. So I guess I'll be squinting at name tags and reconnecting with old lab partners, people from Spanish class and straight guys I hooked up with in cars.

Speaking of guys I hooked up with, I do happen to have the honor of showing up tomorrow night with my high school sweet heart, that just so happened to have gone to our rival school. And by high school sweet heart I do  mean guy I hooked up with. But we did end up falling in love and all that stuff. (Although I always new he'd be mine).

I guess what I want out of the experience is the experience. How could I not. I'll be blogging about it soon.


  1. Oh no, the thought of a school reunion makes me shudder! im not sure if i would go to mine or not, ive got another 3 years to decide anyway!
    good luck with yours, lookign forward to hearing about how it went x

  2. Oh you'll hear all about it girl. You should go to yours and blog about it.

  3. Wow a school reunion where all the popular chicks are now fat drunks and all the nerdy guys are in other states because they all have big jobs with windmills and solar panels.

    I have a friend who's in Korea because he went to The Westpoint Military academy, he should be a show stopper. Other than that, I'd be amazed if someone showed up all cool and such. I think I'll be pretty cool because I'll be the only one there with a blog.

  4. Dude, by the time you read this you'll probably be reeling from WAY too much coors light and WAY too little sleep! haha! anyway, hope it was a blast!!!! oh, and the mix tape thing ROCKS! (try my hood under the stars trick too!!! :) ) Peace!!!!! XOXO -Stu