Friday, October 22, 2010

The muralist and the bartender

Um sometimes we bloggers let things slip through the cracks. I always do. I meant to put this on blast a long time ago but I don't know I'm sure at the time I was too busy freaking out about writing a short story or having to go to work in my undies or something.

                                                 Photo by Claire Lawton, mural by Joerael Elliott
This is a Phoenix New Times blogpost featuring two talented friends of mine Joerael Elliot and Darren Gordy. I've had the pleasure of watching both do what they love in action and it makes me happy to see their names together in a publication I devour weekly.

This series entitled Mural City by Clair Lawton definitely deserves a good read and if you live in Phoenix it should be followed by a cruise on a Sunday afternoon.

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