Friday, December 3, 2010

Cancer Smash

My buddy's mom has cancer. And wouldn't you know it, they can't afford her hospital bills. So my friend, whose name is James by the way, is in a band called F.O.S. and they've decided to throw the biggest, baddest benefit show this side of Aguanga. If by any chance you are near Tap Daddys tomorrow in Hemet, California, it would be most badass of you to make it to this show and help support a good cause. My friend's mom's name is Darlene and I've known her since I was a kid. The fourth grade to be exact. She was that cool mom who always chaperoned on field trips and drove us all to the movies (which were like 30 minutes away where we grew up). She's always treated me with nothing but kindness and respect and I all I can do in return is ask you to hit this show up and show some love.

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