Saturday, December 18, 2010


I'm horny for life right now. I need to travel. be around people. I want to come cum art. there is a shivering inside and a vibrance and a heat and that shits all bouncing around and the music is getting louder and misunderstood. And I hear things I used to and I understand them so much I don't understand them at all anymore. Lo que tuvimos. Un bella historia de amor. Like the sangria. That I'm making for us right now. Its sweet and temporary. The door has closed. But then I hear that beat again and shit it turns out I can still dance. Till my thighs are soar like bikram yoga. Like dragqueens on acid. like a wailing songstress. like the little things that glow in tides. like the sultry whispers of a spanish affair. Convertido en rio. I miss san franciso. I long for new york. romance cobblestone anywhere. ador my little phoenix. And dare not burst with wanting. go down in flamers. flyer to many cares. smile too many times. be late to to many parties. es que no se como. decir. no. NO. Fuck no. siempre con esto. I miss my journals. Brainwash. Sending people there. Defending my name. whoring it out. having a cat. oh my gatos. The ocean. my family. my mother. my little mother. Not knowing. knowing. knowing everythign. The rush. the freedom. the heavy heavy freedom.


  1. awesome. miss ur horny ass. puto.

  2. I so get you. I'm horny for life too..-R