Saturday, December 11, 2010

Eddie Detroit and other great finds

My iPhone has been warning me lately that I have too many picture stored and I should delete some. So yesterday I finally emptied out every picture onto my computer and rid my iPhone once and for all of that visual clutter. This way I could start all over.

But as I peeked at my collection during the transfer process I began to get a little sentimental. So many photos I'd snapped and never shared. So many versions of so many Photoshop express projects I'd worked on and done nothing with. So many missed blog opportunities. 

But opportunity is everywhere. Can't one man's iPhone clutter be another man's treasure? And cant' those two men actually be the same guy? Me. See where I'm going with this? Are you down for a little treasure hunt? I am. Let's see what we come up with.

My handsome novio getting all creative on this downtown mosaic. 
I made this for last year's Dia de los Muertos alter at Lola.
And I have no idea what happened to it. 
This hotel is just blocks away from my apartment.
I would love to get wrapped up in a mystery there.
Can you believe she whipped that hat up out of a bag of avocados?
You can find her at the downtown public library.
Remember SB1070?
I found this friendly little amphibian on Pandora.
I just really liked this girl's look.
I could draw it.
Eddie Detroit. I ran into him on the metro one day and we swapped life stories.
The Westward Ho.

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