Thursday, December 9, 2010

Leather Dugie

So one of my favorite blogs Red Means Go, is having a giveaway. What's at stake? Literature. I'm vying for a chance at winning my very own used copy of Alice Walker's The Color Purple. Would you believe I've never read it? The only stipulation is that after I'm done reading it I too have to throw a big, giant blog giveaway. Something I've always kind of wanted to do anyways. The thing is I've always fancied giving away this wierd pair of leather pants that have been haunting me since halloween 2002. It's a long story. But now I can just give away both.

Anyway I may have mentioned that to the blogger in question and she's asked for visual representation of said leather pants. So here it is. Let's hope this gets me that book. If not. I'll definitely be giving the leather pants away on this blog either way. I just have to think of a competition worthy of a pair of turn-of-the-millennium, leather GAP pants.


  1. You look hotness in those pants! Do you come with them?

    I love that picture!

    Also, for some reason this post reminded me of that song "Teach me how to Dougie, teach me teach me how to Dougie."

  2. On someone else's ticket, girl this package will travel anywhere.

  3. I had the same pair of pants freshman year of college (2001). They seemed fun, but the truth is that I wasn't THAT gay. I wore them once, and the -- who knows?

    At least I bought them on clearance.