Friday, December 10, 2010

Shaka what

So I met this guy a few weeks ago at work. I was behind the bar and he was on the other side having a screwdriver. He was a nice guy to talk to. Hawaiian. 50 years old I think. He showed me pictures of his grandson Ben, who was named after him. He was at a time an extra on Hawaii Five-O, playing of all things, a bartender. And he taught me the meaning of the Shaka sign which I alway happened to associate with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. So all and all he was your average guy who walks into a bar. And then he went and asked me "What is the one thing you want most right now?"

And I said "to graduate."

"You will" he asserted. "And after that? Then what do you want?"

I said I wanted to travel. And to just keep making art.

"Oh you will." He smiled and so did his eyes.

Then he pulled out a necklace from underneath his shirt. He asked me to lean in closer and showed me an iridescent, black orb that hung from the necklace. He said it was a piece of comet. A stone from out of this world. And he put it in my hand. Then his hands around mine. He closed his eyes for a moment. And maybe I did too. When he opened his eyes he said "There, we are connected now." And a tingling trickled down my spine.

We chatted some more as the night went on. I passed him a few more screwdrivers which eventually turned into just OJ with no ice. Before the night got too busy and we both got lost in the bustle he stopped me and asked "Are you right handed or left handed?"


"The next time you make art, use your left hand."

"Ok. Why?"

"Isn't it obvious?" And he smiled again. That smile that beamed with light and colors.


  1. Wow I really liked this post :)

    So did you use your left hand?

  2. Thanks Annah. And yeah I used my left hand and the thing shook like Anne Hathaway the whole time.

  3. wow! i got goosebumps reading your post. makes me wish i came across the man with the comet necklace.
    :) you must have been smiling the whole night after!