Friday, December 3, 2010

Where's Blogaldo?

Ok so maybe I have been writing. Just not for Blogaldo. Which is a terrible habit of mine. I feel bad when I don't. Like I'm not being true to something. Myself? The proverbial "you guys?" Who am I even writing for? Who am I not writing for? Um... Probably the first answer should be myself... and it is. But hell yeah I'd love to have a you guys to be writing for. A real, honest to goodness following. I'm just I guess not that mature of a writer. I keep just kind of fucking around with it. Like I'm afraid of taking it seriously. I don't even know how to use a goddamn comma. I keep thinking this switch is just going to flip and I'm suddenly going to get my shit together. Do my assignments on time. Proof-read my work. Write something every day (now this one I actually do, I just don't necessarily do it the way a writer should; every day at five a.m. at a small ikea desk in her closet). I don't read as much as I should either. I don't revise my work. I certainly don't submit. Come on at least I should be doing that. I'm excited about rejection letters. I look forward to that kind of you suck motivation. There are just standards I guess, that I hold myself to, that I fall miles and years short of and at the same time I totally, kinda think are bullshit. I think one of the reasons I stay away from this blog at times is because it really isn't just mine. People do actually read this every now and then and sometimes, a lot of the times, I'm writing about the unbloggiest stuff. Like my fiction lately, goddamn if I haven't been having a guttural, emotional reaction to almost every story I have written in the last few months. And I'm just not the biggest fan of angsty posts like this one. So I try to keep it off the blog you know. But I do want to make sure this blog continues to grow into a healthy expression of my creative outbursts. And more importantly yours. Some may say I have control issues. Robert my love. But with Blogaldo, I'm seriously ready to let this be ours. I'm ready to do fun things. I'm ready to look forward to signing in every morning and bugging you guys on facebook. I dare say I think some of you even like that sort of social media vexing. Well I'm up to the challenge. Believe it or not I even have some great ideas floating around in this cabezota of mine. I thinks its about time we celebrate them.

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