Saturday, July 2, 2011


I guess I never really made it official but Blogaldo has moved. Please come see what's up with us at... 

Love you

Saturday, December 18, 2010


I'm horny for life right now. I need to travel. be around people. I want to come cum art. there is a shivering inside and a vibrance and a heat and that shits all bouncing around and the music is getting louder and misunderstood. And I hear things I used to and I understand them so much I don't understand them at all anymore. Lo que tuvimos. Un bella historia de amor. Like the sangria. That I'm making for us right now. Its sweet and temporary. The door has closed. But then I hear that beat again and shit it turns out I can still dance. Till my thighs are soar like bikram yoga. Like dragqueens on acid. like a wailing songstress. like the little things that glow in tides. like the sultry whispers of a spanish affair. Convertido en rio. I miss san franciso. I long for new york. romance cobblestone anywhere. ador my little phoenix. And dare not burst with wanting. go down in flamers. flyer to many cares. smile too many times. be late to to many parties. es que no se como. decir. no. NO. Fuck no. siempre con esto. I miss my journals. Brainwash. Sending people there. Defending my name. whoring it out. having a cat. oh my gatos. The ocean. my family. my mother. my little mother. Not knowing. knowing. knowing everythign. The rush. the freedom. the heavy heavy freedom.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Eddie Detroit and other great finds

My iPhone has been warning me lately that I have too many picture stored and I should delete some. So yesterday I finally emptied out every picture onto my computer and rid my iPhone once and for all of that visual clutter. This way I could start all over.

But as I peeked at my collection during the transfer process I began to get a little sentimental. So many photos I'd snapped and never shared. So many versions of so many Photoshop express projects I'd worked on and done nothing with. So many missed blog opportunities. 

But opportunity is everywhere. Can't one man's iPhone clutter be another man's treasure? And cant' those two men actually be the same guy? Me. See where I'm going with this? Are you down for a little treasure hunt? I am. Let's see what we come up with.

My handsome novio getting all creative on this downtown mosaic. 
I made this for last year's Dia de los Muertos alter at Lola.
And I have no idea what happened to it. 
This hotel is just blocks away from my apartment.
I would love to get wrapped up in a mystery there.
Can you believe she whipped that hat up out of a bag of avocados?
You can find her at the downtown public library.
Remember SB1070?
I found this friendly little amphibian on Pandora.
I just really liked this girl's look.
I could draw it.
Eddie Detroit. I ran into him on the metro one day and we swapped life stories.
The Westward Ho.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Shaka what

So I met this guy a few weeks ago at work. I was behind the bar and he was on the other side having a screwdriver. He was a nice guy to talk to. Hawaiian. 50 years old I think. He showed me pictures of his grandson Ben, who was named after him. He was at a time an extra on Hawaii Five-O, playing of all things, a bartender. And he taught me the meaning of the Shaka sign which I alway happened to associate with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. So all and all he was your average guy who walks into a bar. And then he went and asked me "What is the one thing you want most right now?"

And I said "to graduate."

"You will" he asserted. "And after that? Then what do you want?"

I said I wanted to travel. And to just keep making art.

"Oh you will." He smiled and so did his eyes.

Then he pulled out a necklace from underneath his shirt. He asked me to lean in closer and showed me an iridescent, black orb that hung from the necklace. He said it was a piece of comet. A stone from out of this world. And he put it in my hand. Then his hands around mine. He closed his eyes for a moment. And maybe I did too. When he opened his eyes he said "There, we are connected now." And a tingling trickled down my spine.

We chatted some more as the night went on. I passed him a few more screwdrivers which eventually turned into just OJ with no ice. Before the night got too busy and we both got lost in the bustle he stopped me and asked "Are you right handed or left handed?"


"The next time you make art, use your left hand."

"Ok. Why?"

"Isn't it obvious?" And he smiled again. That smile that beamed with light and colors.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Leather Dugie

So one of my favorite blogs Red Means Go, is having a giveaway. What's at stake? Literature. I'm vying for a chance at winning my very own used copy of Alice Walker's The Color Purple. Would you believe I've never read it? The only stipulation is that after I'm done reading it I too have to throw a big, giant blog giveaway. Something I've always kind of wanted to do anyways. The thing is I've always fancied giving away this wierd pair of leather pants that have been haunting me since halloween 2002. It's a long story. But now I can just give away both.

Anyway I may have mentioned that to the blogger in question and she's asked for visual representation of said leather pants. So here it is. Let's hope this gets me that book. If not. I'll definitely be giving the leather pants away on this blog either way. I just have to think of a competition worthy of a pair of turn-of-the-millennium, leather GAP pants.

Friday, December 3, 2010

First Friday @ CityScape

Feel that buzz. The bite in the air. That jolt of life that can only be found on a December night in a downtown pulsating with wanting. We all want it don't we. To feel alive in our own city. To breath in the bustle. Rub elbows with the metro bound. Revitalize the hustle. Rise from the winter ashes. We are Phoenix. The downtowners. The artists. The musicians. The locals. The poets. The transplants. The snow birds too. Fuck hibernation. We're downtown. You should be too.

Go show: your love

So I have two events to tell you guys about today. So lets get started. The first is called Cancer Smash and it's actually happening in the far away land of Hemet, California, very close to where I grew up. One of my very best friends from way back is throwing it and headlining with his band F.O.S. and yes I do know what that stands for and no I am not going to divulge. These things have to remain elusive. 

The other is happening tonight right here in Phoenix. First Friday at CityScape There's not much more I can tell you about this event that the flyer (which I happen to think is dope) doesn't already cover. But I will tell you that I know there is a lot of heart and pride going into this event. I mean if you're Phoenician and you love art, music or all things downtown than just go.

Cancer Smash

My buddy's mom has cancer. And wouldn't you know it, they can't afford her hospital bills. So my friend, whose name is James by the way, is in a band called F.O.S. and they've decided to throw the biggest, baddest benefit show this side of Aguanga. If by any chance you are near Tap Daddys tomorrow in Hemet, California, it would be most badass of you to make it to this show and help support a good cause. My friend's mom's name is Darlene and I've known her since I was a kid. The fourth grade to be exact. She was that cool mom who always chaperoned on field trips and drove us all to the movies (which were like 30 minutes away where we grew up). She's always treated me with nothing but kindness and respect and I all I can do in return is ask you to hit this show up and show some love.

Where's Blogaldo?

Ok so maybe I have been writing. Just not for Blogaldo. Which is a terrible habit of mine. I feel bad when I don't. Like I'm not being true to something. Myself? The proverbial "you guys?" Who am I even writing for? Who am I not writing for? Um... Probably the first answer should be myself... and it is. But hell yeah I'd love to have a you guys to be writing for. A real, honest to goodness following. I'm just I guess not that mature of a writer. I keep just kind of fucking around with it. Like I'm afraid of taking it seriously. I don't even know how to use a goddamn comma. I keep thinking this switch is just going to flip and I'm suddenly going to get my shit together. Do my assignments on time. Proof-read my work. Write something every day (now this one I actually do, I just don't necessarily do it the way a writer should; every day at five a.m. at a small ikea desk in her closet). I don't read as much as I should either. I don't revise my work. I certainly don't submit. Come on at least I should be doing that. I'm excited about rejection letters. I look forward to that kind of you suck motivation. There are just standards I guess, that I hold myself to, that I fall miles and years short of and at the same time I totally, kinda think are bullshit. I think one of the reasons I stay away from this blog at times is because it really isn't just mine. People do actually read this every now and then and sometimes, a lot of the times, I'm writing about the unbloggiest stuff. Like my fiction lately, goddamn if I haven't been having a guttural, emotional reaction to almost every story I have written in the last few months. And I'm just not the biggest fan of angsty posts like this one. So I try to keep it off the blog you know. But I do want to make sure this blog continues to grow into a healthy expression of my creative outbursts. And more importantly yours. Some may say I have control issues. Robert my love. But with Blogaldo, I'm seriously ready to let this be ours. I'm ready to do fun things. I'm ready to look forward to signing in every morning and bugging you guys on facebook. I dare say I think some of you even like that sort of social media vexing. Well I'm up to the challenge. Believe it or not I even have some great ideas floating around in this cabezota of mine. I thinks its about time we celebrate them.